Monday, 5 October 2015

Despina - Influence maps

I took particular care when cultivating a definitive 'look' for Despina. Upon reading I had these evocations of this somewhat beautiful, desert jewel, that glimmered on the horizon. It brought up images from Neverending Story and Star Wars, and then as I pondered even further I started to think about ships and ruins which I think heavily influences the direction the thumbnails for Despina eventually went. 

The evolution of the interior design is particularly affirming in that I feel like the fusion of shanty-esque roughness with the organic shapes presented in a middle eastern bazaar are quite compelling. 


  1. This is an impressive scope. I like it.

    I'm keen to see what you will create from the fusion of the old and worn and the new and ornate as it is an interesting mix. A stratified society? A city that has been built upon many, many times. Or a city that was once gleaming but now in disrepair.

    Looking forward to what you come up with :)

    1. I do feel as though it is a built-upon home of some kind. A process that might've taken generations, so much so that the original structures use may have been forgotten.

      Now to make it happen! :)