Monday, 12 October 2015

Flash tutorial 01 + 02

Again, should have posted a lot sooner to save me from a backlog of posts to upload.

Of the two flash sessions we've already completed, I have enjoyed both quite a lot - mainly the exposure to other styles of animation.

I'm amusing myself a fair amount too. I mean, who doesn't relish the chance to make their head morph into a vegetable? Find me one of those people so that I can believe they exist with my own eyes!


Here's my Zoetrope animation of a sphere, or the moon - whatever you see really, we'll just go with that :)

Next up we took to Flash, and I created a real gormless looking slug. 

Fast forward to the following Friday, where we were tasked with morphing.


Here's Broccoliface.

THAT was interesting :)

Looking forward to next Friday. 

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