Thursday, 8 October 2015

Invisible Cities OGR 08/10/15

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  1. OGR 08/10/2015

    Hey Joe,

    There are some really interesting thumbnails getting started in your Despina musings - a graphical style that puts me in mind of this from the game Journey:


    While I really enjoy your enthusiasm and musings on Despina, I feel duty bound to return you to Calvino's own language in terms of the 'ship vision' in the desert; he describes an image of modernity; skyscrapers, radar antennae, wind-socks and chimneys producing smoke, so this is clearly a more industrialised city, and the ship something epically big. I left similar feedback on Robin's blog, which I'll link you to, as you may find some of the visual references useful:


    Calvino does also refer to the 'shipness' of Despina as like a windjammer - which is a big ship with sails - and suitably old-school - but it's hard to reconcile that image with the belching smoke and antennae - or rather, Despina has qualities of both. It does seem as if Despina's skyline must be something like this:


    All of which suggests that the uber-modernness of Dubai (and surreal whiteness out there in the sand) was a good first impression of yours:


    Though all of this does suggest that the grubbier romanticism of your influence maps might be at odds with Calvino's vision of this great 'ship-like' city on the edge of the desert, unless, as you say the great white hope of the city has grown out of much more humble origins; port cities are always fusion towns in this respect; maybe your city is actually a flotilla of 'ships' from different places, all beached together?

    In terms of your interior shot, perhaps you need to focus on an environment that can best express this 'fusion' - a market place, or spice hall - or somewhere wherein the new and old collide or intrude?

    1. Hey Phil!

      Thanks you very much for the feedback, there's a veritable amount for me to think about. And actually, I really like the idea of the flotilla of ships; perhaps every inhabitant lives on their own bespoke ship? It's definitely another layer to add atop the stuff I've previously thought about.

      As for the interior shot, I completely agree. Those sort of communal areas are definitely a place worth focusing on! :)

      Thanks again :)