Monday, 5 October 2015

"Invisible Cities", thumbnails 24- 31

 I'm in love with Despina.

That is all.


  1. Hello Joe,

    So do you know which cities take your fancy the most? I'm not sure how long you've had on this project so far but those thumbnails should be flowing out fast. I found when trying to come up with design ideas that churning out 100 thumbnails not worrying about making each one a work of art usually gave me a glimpse of something I liked in a few, which could then be taken to the next stage of development.
    Here's a link to the project that is similar to this, we had slightly different named projects but the idea behind them is the same:

    and here is a link to my thumbnails from this project:

    These show my experience of this process, and like I said, churn out those thumbnails, look at architecture reference, environment reference, use your imagination, if you haven't done so already, go back through the text and highlight the environmental descriptions, make a mind map of each of the descriptive words from each city or however you like to use the information you've gathered. These are some good ways to find direction.

    If you want to get hold of me for advice, it's not a problem, just drop me a line, my contact email is on my blog profile.

    Oh yeah, and this above image, 26, looks to me like the description of Baucis on stilts.
    Anyway, keep the work flowing :)

    1. Cheers Nat,

      I am having an issue with the speed I produce thumbnails at. But I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that it's less about minute detail and more about framing, perspective and getting raw ideas down onto paper/photoshop.

      It sounds stupid, but I've not drawn an awful lot, probably since I left school 7 years ago.

      I'm definitely leaning towards Despina, but there are a couple others I like the sound of too. I like Moriana because of the challenge it poses in terms of visualising it as it's described to be as thib as a piece of paper, a city of two sides, and the fact that it seems like it's been abandoned. And along the same lines I really like the sound of Ersilia.

      Despina is the one I've put the most effort into so far however. Just a case of getting a move on! :)

    2. As you haven't drawn for a while it's the perfect excuse to use these thumbnails to get back into it, the detail comes in the further development drawings after your thumbnails so have a riot with filling those thumbnail boxes with perspectives and ideas, let that be your pathway back into the flow of it :)

      And yes… get a move on hahaha