Monday, 5 October 2015

"Invisible Cities", thumbnails 9-23

This is the continuation of the Anastasia thumbnails, where I have looked at the implied class difference within the text. 

It struck me with Armilla that I could go two ways, play it very straight and look into this gargantuan city of pipework and porcelain, creating a paradise amidst an arid, almost dead landscape...


I could go in a different direction and look at an almost organic, subterranean landscape, even.

I am particularly fond of the little creature I developed to sit atop on of these pools, which were actually the Naiads, who I figured would lure travellers to an acidic bath atop the pipes in their pool, or maw.

Baucis was very reminiscent of Endor or Yavin from the star wars universe, and going back even further, Arboria from Flash Gordon.

I really liked the idea of having the structure above the clouds, as this supermassive but kind of bland shape.

Here I played with the culture of Baucis, here is a clergyman praising the sun.

I really liked the idea of having most of Baucis obscured in order to emphasise its scale, but also the unknowable within Baucis. I figured any surface dwellers viewing Baucis from afar would be afeared from the general lack of any shape save for its stalk legs and immense shadow.

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