Friday, 23 October 2015

Life drawing, 3 week update.

Study of structure.

Negative space within structures.

Quick sketches. 

Drawn without taking the pen away from the paper, and under instruction not to look at the paper too much.
The first batch of quick sketches. I could feel my arm wanting to fall off at one point :P

20 minute study

Last sessions quick sketches,  I love some of these. 

I didn't mean to cut his head off, but there it is. There's probably some kind of subtext there that I'm wholly unaware of :P 

Sorry about the spuddy quality on a few of these, (They're all photos taken in horrible lighting, my mistake).

Over the three weeks I can track a marginal improvement in my drawing skills. I'm actually itching to get some more life drawing sessions in! 

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