Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Gyro, the final composition?


So, here's another updated version of the concept art for Gyro, taking into full consideration the direction from Phil and Jordan.

It'd be lovely to hear some thoughts on this, I've gone a bit snowblind, so to speak.

I'll be posting the breakdown soon :)


  1. The black 'sticky-up' elements on the far right don't seem as resolved or 'in' your world as everything else - they're softer and more impressionist and look like works-in-progress? Otherwise, I like!

    1. Haha oh dear.

      The black ones aren't supposed to be there. I think I accidentally left a layer on. Oops.

      Was it a case of all of them or just those two at the front?

      I am glad you like it though. Commencing maya now! :)