Monday, 23 November 2015

Gyro, post OGR composition update.

So I've got a tad more to do, but I thought I'd share my progress, as it's getting close to 12, I should be asleep.

Anyway, on reflection on the advice given on the OGR from Phil, and further advice from Jordan, I'm now trying to instill a sense of depth within my scene.

This definitely works better than my last go at things! and I know what I need to do to further improve the shot. Now I must do it!

(Fear not, the car will be dealt with! :) )

I've also made use of the colour lookup feature which Jordan demonstrated to me today. I'm quite pleased with how it can subtly affect the colours without changing them too much, in comparison with the gradient fill tool which I feel to be a tad more dramatic in it's use and parameters.

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