Monday, 16 November 2015

Gyro Thumbnails, 101 - 121

I am particularly happy with thumbnail #102 and am continuing to develop it to further realise the city of Gyro. To this end I have tried to focus on the modular nature of Gyro, as seen in #103. 

I do feel as though I am closer in capturing the energy and excitement of Gyro, though there is indeed more work needed, In particular I would like to focus on the non-euclidean nature of the space, as well as showing the bustle and spectacle as described in my travelogue. 

I'm also trying to incorporate Giacomo Balla's trademark sense of movement that he incorporates in his pieces, sometimes positioning chunks of a rotated view on to the front view of something, sometimes breaking down the movements of something so as to view it almost frame by frame, in a single frame. 

I'm getting there though. I'm really digging the idea of the speedways being the main source of spectacle, I think that if Gyro is to be remembered for anything it is for it's racing, and therefore I need to do something bloody great to realise this.

Although there are definitely some weak structures here, I do enjoy #107, #114, #115, #118 and #121. And feel as though they are certainly not strong enough to be main buildings within Gyro, but could definitely serve as part of a modular system of buildings seen around the city. 

More to come!


  1. I like that bold, second sheet, Joe!

    1. I am glad, it's unlike anything I've done before so I was a little unsure :P