Thursday, 19 November 2015

What if? Metropolis - OGR part 2 18/11/15


That was a hard day's work, But I'm happy and hopeful this time around!

(Also I have no idea why it's cutting the bottom off in some slides as the PDF is fine)

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  1. OGR 19/11/2015

    Hi Joe,

    In general terms, this is an exciting proposition and an effective resolution of your artist's influence. A couple of observations: the large grey background element on the right of the composition is a boring thing in an otherwise dynamic world; it's taking up a lot of compositional oxygen and I'm not convinced it's earning its keep. What is it adding? Indeed, what is it? Is it a building? Is it the underside of an architectural component? I likewise think the spike elements in the midground feel a little decorative as opposed to explanatory - are they buildings, and if so how are we to know? I'd suggest too using the matte painting purely as skyscape is a wasted opportunity; this composition has us looking out from the outskirts of the city into a nothingness; wouldn't it be more exciting, if this view afforded us a real sense of just how dynamic Gyro is - it's busyness, it's flotillas of traffic, it's scope and scale? I want to see this place, not the setting sun! Use the matte painting to extend your vision, not simply install the sky.

    You've developed something fascinating here, and I'd just encourage you to up the ambition and the scale and look to ensure that every component you include is earning its keep.

    Also - the design of the car - you've got a futuristic city and an old-fashioned car; I think the car needs to mirror a little more the world that sits around it, and just having one car on the road makes this world seem deserted, not busy. You either need more - or none.