Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What if? Metropolis - OGR

It is done, momentarily!

Production artist research:

Artist research:



  1. OGR 05/11/2015

    Morning Joe,

    Okay - firstly, I do want you to embed your documents as Scribd documents - why, because sharing and embedding Scribd documents is straight-forward for me and others, and also, simply, because that is what the brief asks you to do. Your classmates appear to be able to achieve this without diminishing the quality of their presentations.

    Secondly - just watch your 'branding' - while you're clearly making an effort to present your work professionally - duely noted - I'm not yet seeing the relationship between your actual project and the resulting branding decisions. It looks more like you've got a way you present things, and you roll it out whatever the context, and I'l like to see more joined up thinking from you are prepare your submission documents and Art OF etc.

    I must admit that I'm confused as to how your 'dead city' has originated from your artist; many of your thumbnails are very exciting, but as I read your travelogue, I was left wondering what it had to with Balla - who, as an artist, celebrated technology, light, speed etc. You conclude by saying that the dead city suffered a reactor catastrophe - so, is this a city that, in it's thrall to technology ultimately paid a high price? It does feel a bit like science-fiction dressed up in your What If project and collaborator, as opposed to a concept of a city derived from your research and understanding of your collaborator. Surely, if Balla was involved in the design of this city, it would be in celebration of all the things the futurist's celebrated? Transport systems, dynamism, noise, technology, colour - and so on? The description of your dead city is highly evocative, but is it just conceptual 'style-creep'? Is it just an example of yet another post-apocalyptic city being retro-fitted with some Balla-inspired shapes? I'd suggest the conceptual challenge of this unit is a little more complex - indeed, this project has been written to combat style-creep and to push students to explore ideas and visual vocabularies with which they're unfamiliar? The futurists worshipped the city in all its clamour and aggression - it was the modern world fully expressed! Killing your city - and comparing it with Belial - seems like a classic case of cg artist 'first year syndrome' - i.e. wherein every brief is made to look like a preferred or favourite set of conventions.

    Go back to Balla - go back to Futurism - go back to the research - and find a cogent, authentic stem-cell from which to grow a more surprising and less conventional approach. You've got the creative writing skills and draftmanship to make this happen. This project is about surprising yourself and making work you couldn't have predicted for yourself. Onwards!

    1. Morning Phil,

      Thank you, this is invaluable information, and I will strive to take it on board. In particular the reassessment on what my city should feel like, as I had begun to feel like the travelogue I had written for myself was feeling more and more constrictive as I got further into the thumbnailing process. Indeed the city should be a celebration of modernity, and not succumbing of the urge to slap a mad max filter over everything.

      I feel like I knew some of this would be said, it's just that in the flurry and the need to "get shit done" I guess I ignore the little voice in my head that says, come on Crouch, you can do better than this.

      And I will. Yes indeed. Onwards!