Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Ambient Occlusion - Gyro

I woke up groggy, knocked back a few coffees and contemplated watching Only God Forgives and
La belle et la bête to get the final two reviews done. 

I ended up watching Lost River (Ryan Gosling's second directing attempt) and focusing on finishing this shot. I feel great surge of enthusiasm at this sight. Before, I hadn't had that moment where the penny drops and held a full appreciation for the skills I've gained over the last couple of months. But strangely, within this image, my penny finally dropped. 

(I'm going to muck around with the placement of the docks in the midground, as well as entertaining the possibility of including more cars on the road, which I might add, was more challenging to model than I had anticipated). 

I'll finish the lighting today, before nipping off to watch an old Dana Andrews film. 


  1. Good to see the progress. The road looks rather nicely done. But don't get too caught up in watching movies, please. I'd hate for this to be unfinished by crit day.

    1. Thanks :)
      I usually have them on in the background as I work, but I'm in full project mode for today and tomorrow. I'm close to being done with the lighting - at least I think, anyway - just getting on to texturing now :)