Saturday, 5 December 2015

Gyro - Final Composition with breakdown.

It is finally posted, after a week of living within my memory stick waiting for me to stop wrestling with rogue Uv's. I am both pleased and a little dumbfounded that I've created this. And I'm looking forward to the final composite.

Back to those now :)


  1. Work hard and crack on Joe! This is a stunning composition and it deserves to live in 3D! :D

    Tea, coffee, coca-cola, whatever perks you up, drink it. Make these final days count.

    1. Hey :)
      Thank you! I am on a strict diet of coffee and anything with caffeine in to keep things going.
      I'm working on the lighting as I type this, finding it a tad tricky to get anything that resembles what I've got in my concept art. I'll get there though :)