Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Lighting Gyro!

The lighting of Gyro was relatively challenging to portray convincingly as it is so stylised in my concept painting. 

For Instance, I'm still working out a way of getting the rays of light to bounce around and off of my buildings. I've looked at volumetric lighting, but am not too sure on its implementation within a daylight scene; there's another part of me that is half tempted to physically model the beams of light and texture them accordingly. 

I am enjoying the way in which I am forced to think on my feet when encountering problems like this. And I feel wholeheartedly that I will have settled my conundrum by tomorrow. 

I'll have Gyro textured by tonight. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing all of the cars textured. 

(I'm probably going to model the light rays)

With matte painting


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