Monday, 25 January 2016

Life drawing update, the seventh! (Post 100!!!)

As is the norm for these sessions, it took me a while to find a groove. I'm quite happy with some of the poses here though, and Robin was quite fun to draw. I plan on doing a few more studies later on, just to follow this up and strike whilst the iron is hot so to speak. I'm finding it a bit easier to include foreshortening and weight in my drawings. I think this shows in the last pose. I am particularly fond of that left hand! 

I think I'm starting to reduce my line-work into something more akin to Mike Mignola (creator of and artist for Hellboy) Which I can't say is a bad thing. 


  1. I really like the prominent figure on the second sheet...the one with the shaded grey leg (on the right kinda just below the center of the page).

  2. Thanks Deanna :)
    I'm fond of that one too.

  3. Now that you've mentioned Mignola, everything looks like Roger the Homunculus.

    1. Haha. Yeah, it's weird as I haven't read Hellboy in a long while.