Thursday, 7 January 2016

Soundscape image selection

Whilst the start of a project can be a time of apprehension, confusion and palpitations - I remain quite excited by the prospect of these three images.  I guess that is the power of the mysterious blue box? 

The first, on initial inspection, strikes me as something very lovecraftian, something of the deep, perhaps subterranean though perhaps not. 

I struggle with this one, perhaps to resist becoming too dark in thought, but from distance it looks as though lost souls are vying to escape this shape. Although it is colourful my mind has already decided that it is an eerie sight. Some weird Miasma floating in the sky. 

I am reminded of a cracked LCD screen, its contents bleeding out to form this patternation. Though there is something insectile about it also. 

I'll be fleshing these thoughts out further, I know better than to immediately trust first impressions, though they do indeed offer a fertile starting place. Ideation incoming!


  1. to me, there's also something comedic about those two purple fuzzballs - they remind me of something created by the Jim Henson Workshop :)

    1. I could make whimsical muppety miasma work :)