Thursday, 25 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage - The Beginning.

Apologies for the slightly late start blog wise, I've been quite possessed in imagining what I could possibly do for this brief. Thankfully, I have an idea, and I'll be following it and seeing where it takes me.

So, I'll begin by outlining the scenario I will be producing an animation for.

*Drum roll*

It's antibiotic resistance.

So yes, I've been trying to generate ideas for this scenario, And here's a few jottings from that process...

For you see, as Peter was talking about this battle between antibiotics and germs, an idea started to form, and initially I imagined the antibiotics to be the British forces, and the germs to be the German forces, the trenches becoming cell membranes and the antibodies becoming the air support. It also appeared, in my head, that this was a battle fought in WW1. I think something has stuck in my mind - perhaps from the fourth series of Blackadder with that absolutely somber finale - that relayed a hopelessness to the situation. Something, I think, that resonated with the idea that we will eventually run out of useful antibiotics.

Now, I think I got a bit scared of this concept, namely because I was pitting two humanoid forces against each other. (Possibly because I didn't want to depict Germans as Germs) But also because as Peter spoke, I imagined the relentlessness of the bacteria, how they're constantly adapting in this never-ending assault on the human body. This lead me down the trail of thought that the bacteria would in fact have to look more inhuman, more beastly and more of-putting to distinguish them apart from the Soldier/Antibiotics.

I looked on YouTube and found a couple of videos that seem to simply and concisely explain the process of antibiotic resistance, and also how antibiotics actually work in the body.


This was ideation and work done in Jordan's class on Wednesday. He's pointed me in the direction of the artist, Peter Chan, which I will mine for inspiration gladly.

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