Monday, 8 February 2016

Maya Tutorial 13 - Low poly modelling

In today's session with Simon we were shown through the processes involved in blocking some simple low poly models out.

I decided to make progress on making my room look like a 1940's detectives office, I think I've got the lighting right, though I'd like to be able to cast shadows from those blinds to increase the atmosphere about the place, any tips?

Just got to model a hat peg/stand and put a cigarette in the ash tray and I think I'm set :)


  1. You could easily simulate light though the blinds using a directional light and angling it to shine through the blinds. If this is an enclosed room then that will be the only place the light shines from.

    If that's a plane behind the window then you can use the light linking editor to have said directional light treat it as not there.

    1. Thanks very much Mark!, I was using a directional light, but for some reason it wasn't passing through the gaps. It might be that the blinds themselves are so close and angled in such a way as to prohibit light passing through from certain directions.

      I guess I've just got to open them? :P

    2. There's that. Is the black behind the white blinds a face or is it a hole in the model? It might simply be that the light is meeting a solid face before reaching the blinds if it is the former.