Monday, 8 February 2016

"Ziggy" - Ziggy colour comps

Here's the fruits of this evenings labour.

Again in Sketchbook, I've cleaned up the lines and utilised the shape method that Justin taught us a few weeks back. It really does help you draw your character, for a start, but also denote their nature.

After the sketch was cleaned up and drawn over, I created a couple of colour comps for Ziggy's possible outcomes. I myself, am a fan of number 2 and 4. The spots go a long way in cementing Ziggy's inherent scrappiness and loveable nature, and are also in-keeping with the notion that Ziggy should at least look like Laika, in part. With 4, I tried to link it with Fuzz's blue suit, but in the end, if they both end up looking like surgeons I think I'll pass on them :P

Let me know what you think anyway.