Wednesday, 10 February 2016

"Ziggy" - Mother, character development

To design the boy's mother then...

I began to experiment with what sort of character I wanted the mother to look like during the storyboarding process. And after receiving feedback about it, it became clear that I had to imbue her with more aesthetics from the 80's. 

So, straight off I formed a mental checklist of what that could be and came up with big hair, big jumpers, big glasses and "Mom Jeans". 

The first result (the character on the left) left much to be desired, for I feel like I had created the boy's younger sister instead of his mother. So I tried again, hiding the midriff and straightening the trousers out - as well as getting rid of that sassy pose.

I felt quite happy with the addition of glasses and to a greater extent, the "big hair" - which was mainly inspired by this image. 

So, I played around with the pose again, and presto!...

So, onwards to the colour comps! :)

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