Thursday, 11 February 2016

"Ziggy" - Waxworks Worker design

So, working up the placeholder characters in my storyboard had proved successful with the other characters, each leading me to something different or modified from what I initially imagined, and I certainly went along this route for the Waxworks Worker. I imagined this kind of greasy teen, not particularly odious looking; instead being this  "living in his Mum's basement, going out partying on the weekend, heavy metal listening" kind of guy. 

So I went down that route, yet as I was drawing him I quickly grew dissatisfied with his design. And into my head popped a scruffy looking round fellow. Cheerful and unassuming. Someone content in minding his own business, kind of just waddling along as he worked. It almost felt as though I was drawing something half remembered, and as he appeared I saw fit to give him a name, which initially he would not have had.

So, here's Steve, the Waxwork guy.


  1. Did you ever encounter Steve O'Shaugnessy?
    He was basically a combination of these two characters.

    1. I did not, but I've heard descriptions of him.