Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Pitch reflection

I feel like the overall pitch went very well. I came away with a lot of positives about my work thus far.

I think the main things I need to remember is that I need to add more panels to convey the evolution of the bacteria more clearly, as currently I've just displayed it via hearsay, when feedback suggested it'd be better actually being shown. 

Another thing to remember is that I need to include 'much more science', which I had thought myself. This is purely a narrative issue though and should be an easy fix, especially if I'm adding more panels, giving me the ability to keep a lot of the structure that my animatic already uses. 

Personally, jumping off from here, I want to ensure that my creature designs develop further, as they need to convey the sense that in evolving via taking bits from other bacteria, they take on bits of its appearance. And, as I mentioned in the pitch itself, I intend to make them far more simian and hairy. 

One thing to note of the pitch is that I need to redress the balance between my metaphor and the science. Yet despite this, I am confident that I can fix these problems, and that my work will greatly benefit from the feedback received. 

All in all, a positive experience! :D 

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