Thursday, 21 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage - PVT. Collis finished textures and walk cycle test.

PVT. Pen is finished, more or less. (The less being his actual face!).

Here's a quick walk test just to see if any elements of my model were left behind during the skinning process. It seems as though I've been successful. Though I've had to disable the buttons for now, until I can work out how to make them stick to the mesh, rather than travel straight through it as soon as any element is moved.

Next I've got to set up the facial animation textures, and work out what expressions I will need. Luckily he doesn't speak, so all I will need is a collection of expressions that can be switched between at the right moments.

I'm skinning my monster today, which should be a considerably easier feat that this was as there is no face to worry about, and no buttons either. Phew.