Monday, 26 September 2016

Kill Bill - Postmodernism research

On Phil's recommendation, I've looked into the Postmodernist aspects of Kill Bill.

If there's one thing I can say about the movie, as with all of Tarantino's attempts - and in particular his later ones post Kill Bill - it's that, this is a patchwork pastiche. Taking elements from things he enjoys, or is inspired by, and re-appropriating them, as seems to be the way in contemporary art. What's unusual for him, and indeed, what opened the floodgates for other creators, is his use of ephemera and influences not usually aligned with Cinema.

I've found an interesting presentation on the subject-

As well as some relevant quotes and blog posts.

"Taratino makes non-linear films, sometimes, which break away from "traditional" narratives to some extent. He also references other films and other media in his film-making, using chapter titles (Inglorious) and numerous cartoon and comic references (Kill Bill) both in dialogue and visually." Source




And even a book with a few chapters dedicated to the subject. 

It definitely makes for interesting reading, if only to showcase how varied Tarantino's tastes are, and how effective he is at weaving them all together to form a cohesive 'whole' that is readily identifiable to the audience. Coupling this with Postmodernism makes absolute sense, as what Tarantino is effectively doing is fusing different cultures/arts together, reusing them, and making something new and paradoxically old at the same time.

Personally, I think he's gone off the rails a little bit as of late, but Kill Bill Vol.1 was my first exposure to his work, and remains my favorite of them.

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