Friday, 30 September 2016

Narrative Project - Story idea

Just thought I'd pop this on here for posterity.

The conflict is "Man vs. Time"

The end sentence is "Nevertheless, they soon came to understand each other".

And the genre is "Spy".

We can hear the lapping of waves, a few random bits of birdsong, A stray dog/cat/squirrel is walking along a riverbank, it notices a young boy walking alone, holding a few items including a sandwich or some sort of food. Being a stray animal it immediately becomes interested and stalks the boy along on his walk (Spy element) the boy gets ahead of the animal and disappears until we hear some sobbing.

The animal presses on further to investigate and it is the boy, sitting down next to the water, holding a tennis ball and a dog collar, the boy is clearly upset, but the animal is still just interested in the food laying next to the boy. The animal sneaks up to the food and tries to get it but the boy notices and shoos him away, before throwing himself further to the floor crying some more. The animal nudges the boy with its nose, the boy moves and we can see his face, upset, in the grips of the grief of losing his dog (Time is personified as grief, and Man is the boy fretting over it). The animal and the boy share a moment as our end sentence either comes up on screen or is narrated.

“Nevertheless, they soon came to understand each other”

The boy and the animal sit and watch over the water, sharing the moment, a moment of stillness, where both of them are content in each others company.

We can hear the lapping of waves, and a few random bits of birdsong.


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