Friday, 14 October 2016

Character - Thoughts, Initial Reaction and Branding

Okay, So here goes. After starting the character project 'proper' a few weeks ago, I've neglected to document it's progression. So, to bring you up to speed, I received "Audio clip #10" and "Saloon (Western / Sci-Fi), Antiques Shop / Roadshow as my potential worlds.

As you can probably guess from the branding I went with the Western setting.

Below is a transcript of the audio clip. 

My ideas surrounding this scenario haven't really changed from my first reaction. The audio clip features two men - one quite weasley sounding whilst the other sounds like a square jawed american hero - arguing over the colour of their clothes. Immediately this screamed to me about seeing two really grizzly and gruff Cowboys squaring up to each other, the anticipation of a fight in the aire, and then the complete opposite happens; instead, they rather effeminately squabble over clothing. 

Over the weekend I will be further exploring the audio clip and how it can inform my creative decision when it comes to personifying these characters. I've already created some influence maps which I will be sharing shortly. 

Till next time, 


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