Thursday, 3 November 2016

Character Sessions - Week 4

Week 4's Character session with Justin saw us tasked with creating 3 characters within a setting. I was assigned the western (there's a theme here...) and went at creating the characters making sure to utilize shape to convey whether a character is a hero/villain or something else. 

I eventually came up with a heroic Native American Sheriff, replete with a mix-up between clothes you would normally associate with a Sheriff and that of a more traditional flavor. I then created the Villain of this world, which became a matriarch-like saloon girl, slightly older, who runs business in the town through her saloon, keeping officials in check with bribery and fear. The third character is that of the "Outlaw" - with a bit of a twist, as it's purely just a young boy, feral from growing up in the wild, still innocent, but definitely scrappy. 

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