Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaptation A: 10 Ideas for an Infographic

The top 10 facts about...

1. Fans of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
2. Hipsters
3. Your Local Band Scene
4. Running a blog
5. Diabetes
6. Men
7. Working in a cinema
8. Living with your Partner
9. Boardgames
10. H.P Lovecraft

So I'm in-between going for something of a more irreverent flavor, as opposed to being a straight up - bosh here's ten boring facts about something - So some of these are intended to contain inaccurate facts played for laughs. But there are a couple here that I could do a lot with in a serious manor and still generate a bit of comedy. So, here's the ten ideas. I could go literally anywhere with this sentence, but for me, it has to be personal in order to be interesting.  


  1. Hi Joe

    Pitch Feedback

    You have quite list here Joe. As you said it’s a title that can go anywhere and yes you could go for straight up factual or for a more irreverent approach. I think the question you need to ask yourself is ‘what are you trying to achieve’. Some of these topics seem like they are more personal too you and have a sense of opinion at their core – that’s not a bad thing as long as the arguments are well thought out. The ‘Star Wars Prequel’ idea for example is fine as long as it’s a balanced argument and not a general moan. Working in cinema is similar (because you do that) in the sense that it might be a bit niche, too factual, or an airing of your views. Boardgames is an interesting topic too but again it’s a case of what approach, what opinion, who for? So I think you need to make a personal choice – go for the factual or go for an opinion. If you do chose ‘opinion’ make sure you solve the script as fast as possible because this project is short and you can’t afford to let that drift for too long. In terms of my picks I would put ‘Star wars prequels, boardgames, and H.P Lovecraft’ as my top three.