Friday, 27 January 2017

Adaptation A - Chosen Facts

The selection process for these facts was actually quite difficult, as I didn't want to select facts that were too obscure, or unimportant to the casual observer. So I went for a selection of anecdotal stories, for humor, and facts about the production of the film trilogy. Going by previous conversations with Alan, I've tried to take a step back from 'fanboyism' and present a detached selection of facts, so that I don't come off as overly defensive and therefore biased in the infographic.

I'll be typing up the script tomorrow as I've got a voice over artist lined up, and hopefully over the weekend I'll be able to get some animation tests completed in after effects.


  1. Hi Joe. You should consider the running order to be part of the overall flow. For example a flow which is based upon a theme(s). In the example below its production, actors, the end result, and then the fans, mimicking how a film is made and then shown.

    1) Record amount of VFX Shots… (CGI Production)
    2) VFX Every Clone Trooper… (CGI Production)
    3) The only shot not to be… (CGI Production)
    4) More Miniatures… (Practical Production)
    5) Sets were built… (Actors)
    6) Lee / Fangs (Actors) – You may want to replace this one / a bit convoluted
    7) Ewan / Light Saber Sounds (Actors)
    8) Running time (The End Result)
    9) Skipped work (The Fans)

    1. Hi Alan, thank you :)

      Yeah that makes sense, it'd lend the infographic a nice flow. And I agree about the Christopher Lee fact.