Friday, 27 January 2017

@Alan Max Walk Cycle Playblast

Here's the playblast as requested :)

This reflects where I'm up to at the moment since yesterday. I think I'm having trouble making it feel like it's got weight behind the movements, but that may be a case of me trying to run before I can walk as I've not yet finished all the in-between and breakdown poses.


  1. One thing I notice straight away is that the spine is dead straight, that instantly makes everything stiff!

    adding some arcs in the spine, having opposite arcs in the waist and shoulders will really start to add weight and bring the animation to life!

    1. Thank you Charlie! :) I'll pick your brains next time I'm in.

  2. I agree with Charlie's comment Joe. However asking you to post a playblast is part of 'good housekeeping' when making animation. Always post a film instead of images however simple the animation is. You're creating motion so it makes sense.