Friday, 13 January 2017

CG Toolkit Submission - Film Reviews, Animation Classes & Maya Tutorials

Film Reviews

The Hero's Journey - The Matrix
Archetypes - Bladerunner
Narrative Structure - The Big Lebowski
Opposing Characters - Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
B-Movies - The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms
Exploitation Cinema - Mad Max: Fury Road
Documentaries - My Scientology Movie
Adaptation & Transcription - Westworld
Comedy & Laughter - Naked Gun

Maya Classes

5 Poses
Max Animation Update 1
Max Animation Update 2
Lip Sync - Jaw Bounce

Maya Tutorials

Stylisation Techniques
Isometric Cameras
2D Facial Rigging

Pipeline 3 - 2d Character Rigging 
Rigging Progress

Pipeline 1 - Head Modelling
Preparation & Rough Blocking
The Mouth
The Eye
The Nose
The Brow
The Ear & Neck
Creating Detailed Eyes

Pipeline 1 - Body Modelling 
Torso Blocking
Torso & Arms, Legs & Pelvis
Legs & Boots
Gloved Hands

Reflective Statement

I have enjoyed completing work within this years toolkit immensely, in particular the Maya side of things. Though the writing has continued my understanding into the underpinning mechanics behind some of my best loved films, I really seemed to gel with the modelling side of this toolkit. Finding it relaxing at times, and challenging in a healthy way. In fact, I began to relish the chance to just sit down and move vertices about until they were 'just right'. I don't know if this is a signpost for areas that I would be interested in, in the future, but I know that in general, I've enjoyed creating things in Maya, problem solving with the aid of these tutorials, and fixing problems as they arise. As much as I love watching and writing about films, this is where I feel most rewarded.

The 2D character tutorials were absolutely necessary as they formed the basis of how my group narrative project would work. As such, I found myself referencing these particular tutorials the most as I made my own bespoke rigs to suit the characters designed within that project.

I found enjoyment in watching the films we were shown after Alan's lectures on various aspects of cinema history, and it really helped bolster my knowledge in those areas. And it actually gave me an excuse to revisit films that I had previously written off, as I'd been handed another lens with which to view them in. I think that is something that will aid me greatly in the future, having learned that you can watch films with different 'heads' on.

I do feel as though I need more practice in animating successfully and this is something I will continue to work on in term 2 in order to satisfy not only the criteria of the course, but my own wants/needs from the course.

Overall though, this term, and this toolkit have been an invaluable learning opportunity that I am very happy with.

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