Monday, 23 January 2017

Proposal Pinata Ideas

In preparation for today's "Proposal Pinata" I've tried to explore a few ideas to get a better understanding of what sort of areas I'd be interested in writing in.

A few that currently stand out to me is "Gender in Star Wars", "Representation in Star Wars", "Masculinity in the DC Cinematic Universe", "Representation in Comics", "Ownership and Shared Universes" & "Gender in Immersive Storytelling".

So yeah, that's more than the requested "one". Symptomatic of my interest in many things, so I'll eventually have to kill my darlings and go with the one with the most furtive ground. Initially I thought "Gender in Star Wars" was a clear sail for me, but as I jotted down ideas I began to sway between other's that seemed of equal interest for inquiry.

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