Monday, 20 February 2017

Dissertation Proposal - Star Chamber OGR 20/02/17

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  1. This is interesting but research so far is limited and lacks range and basic understanding of film history/theory and it’s evolution in relation to postmodernism
    The title/question is a little too long.
    Chapter 1 should include an introduction to popular cultural forms such as the comic book and discuss how these became embedded in film as an aspect of early postmoderinism and in popular culture particularly in America. You need to do more fundamental reading and research in this area.
    Read But is it Art by Cynthia Freedland… read also something that introduces you to postmodern discussion around the flattening out of culture and to critiques from Lyotard of the impossibility for originality to be present- these ideas connect to your argument. A good place to start with overviews of these ideas come in Teach Yourself Postmodernsm by Glen Ward- and then you can build reading and understanding around this.
    Chapter 2 you are throwing into the pot a lot of theories and some may be more relevant than others…
    Read Fredric Jameson The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism
    Read Film Theory Goes to the Movies by by Jim Collins (Editor), Ava Preacher Collins (Editor), Hilary Radner (Editor) and develop a creative discussion that connects up to the economic drivers and social/cultural issues such as the relevance of the audience demographic-these films are made for a specific audience.
    I think Auteur Directors are a good critical counterpoint
    Chapter 3 also feels jumbled- how are you going to link all these ideas together and help the reader put them into some sort of context-what are your conclusions?