Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Adaptation B - Preliminary thumbnails for Olga

At the moment I've done a few drawings purely for the purpose of ascertaining the basic shape breakdown of Olga, and throwing up any aesthetic quirks along the way. On the surface there isn't much to go from in the original outline for the character, as, honestly, she's quite generic, and wears next to nothing (thanks to the nature of the medium she's from). 

Keeping my spin on the character in mind, in that, she will be used in a subversive manner that both belays her original purpose (which was to entertain and titillate) into something much more positive. Therefore, I wanted to explore different shapes that one would normally expect from a superheroine, given that we're used to large breasted, svelte and admittedly - at times - muscular forms (Wonder Woman being the obvious comparison to draw here) I wanted to explore things much closer to 'normal', even mundane. Whilst not 100% there, I am moving closer to that within these exploratory thumbnails. 

TLDR - I'm thinking more 'Unbeatable Squirrel Girl' and less 'Power Girl' (though this could be subject to change).  

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