Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Whatever Happened to Olga Mesmer? - Developing Olga's physicality.

Based on the thumbnail I got quite enthused about last time, I set about developing shapes for the entire body. I knew, based on Olga's character, and also from her original appearance that there were a few signposts I had to adhere to. 

Namely, that Olga should still be rather spritely, despite her age. (She's immortal you know). So with that, a determined factor of 'athleticism'. I also wanted to grasp at a more naturalistic form of physical appeal. For, Olga's character came from the pages of 'Spicy Stories', I wanted to eschew her origins as a character purely for the fantasies of men, and endow her with more realistic proportions. Initially this resulted in the almost 'chibi' designs you see immediately below...

Though I came out of this as I sketched, going for a little more realistic tone in both the shapes and the features. I also had a little play-around with costumes, the one below being inspired by a few choice pieces of Norma Desmond's (see: Sunset Boulevard) wardrobe.

Ultimately this is where I'm sitting with her shape. As she's a faded starlet, I've been experimenting with different poses to try to achieve not only her weariness (from living for so long) but also that brief spark of what made her so popular in her adventures through the years (1920's-Now). The current design I'm focusing on will be how she appeared as a Heroine before she disappeared.

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